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Bus from Maine taking Katrina Relief workers to Gulf states
After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf states so destructively, Daniel accompanied a relief team, which traveled for three days from Maine to their operations base at Bass Memorial Academy near Lumberton, Mississippi.  Daniel's on the left side, fourth seat back.  His cousin Krista Medina, from Camden, Maine sits across the aisle from him.
Among many places the group visited, Waveland was among the worst.  Destructions was caused not only fierce winds, but waves hurling large rolls of printing paper and bundles of lumber from nearby barges acted like battering rams, splintering everything in their path.
Waveland, Mississippi washed away
Katrina destruction in Waveland, MS
Large, expensive homes were left with nothing but the front steps.
Train tracks were rendered useless.
Katrina destruction of Waveland train tracks
Katrina Relief volunteers distributing supplies
Daniel assisted with food and supply distribution, sawing trees, cleaning debris, demolition and repair of buildings and much more.  The group from Maine stayed only four days.  That wasn't nearly enough, so he stayed for nearly three weeks, returning to Maine in mid-October.  He spent a good amount of time doing repairs at Bass Memorial Academy, where he had many people with whom to socialize - and a bunch of girls to fend off as well!
Now Daniel is happily continuing his flight training in Maine, and hopes to get his private pilot's license in the near future.

Next he plans to find a good job somewhere and save up for his goal of volunteering in South America, beginning in early 2006.  He's also hoping he will be able to attend the General Youth Conference (GYC) in Chatanooga, Tennessee from December 28 to January 1.

Daniel Adams taking flying lessons in Maine
Native children in Venezuela village
After that, if God opens the doors, Daniel plans to go to Venezuela. Mission Pilot Bob Norton has invited Daniel to assist with a variety of projects there - construction, maintenance, and serving wherever needed.
This experience will give Daniel a better idea of what he wants to do in the future, what further training he needs, and how he can be best prepared to serve.
Natives in Venezuela
Mike Duehrssen treating patients in Venezuela
He also hopes to sit in on the hands-on portions of Union College's International Rescue & Relief program, headed by Dr. Mike Duehrssen (left, with stethescope).  Among other things, he will learn Jungle Rescue & Survival skills, Tropical & Travel Medicine, Disaster Management, Public Health, Humanitarian Relief, and much more.
And of course, Daniel's greatest goal is to reach out to others sharing the love of God by meeting their needs wherever possible.
Meeting house in Venezuela
Children singing "Father Abraham" in remote Venezuelan village
Being fluent in Spanish and feeling at home in Latin-American culture, Daniel looks forward to initially serving for six months to a year in South America.
When there's space available, he hopes to fly with Bob Norton to remote village airstrips to get a true feel for the life of a mission pilot.
Bob Norton flying over merging rivers in Venezuela
Mission plane preparing to land in Venezuela
Ever since Daniel can remember, his lifelong dream was to fly.  He highly admires David Gates, a friend we knew as a mission pilot years ago in Mexico.  Through unbelievable miracles, God has used David in many ways to pioneer a wide variety of projects throughout South America, including schools, Christian TV networks, aviation projects, and a lot more.  And all his support comes from freewill donations.
After spending some time in South America, Daniel will be in a position to make further decisions about his future, as God opens or closes doors of opportunity.  Back in the U.S., he will need to take further flight training, learn airplane mechanics, get in many more flight hours, and look into further education in other areas.
Mission plane at grass airstrip in Venezuela
Mission plane at village in Venezuela
We thank each one of you who have expressed words of encouragement & caution, sent financial gifts, and gone out of your way to help Daniel reach his goals.  Your prayers are much appreciated as well.
As we all work together, using our time, talents and resources to bless others, we can experience a fulfilling life now and look forward to a better future when Jesus returns to take His children to an eternal home home where there will be no more pain, suffering or death.


Fred Adams

Daniel's e-mail: theweimartian@yahoo.com

Happy children in remote Venezuela jungle village

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