Bouldering & Climbing Parriott Mesa

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Diana Adams in sandstone cheeseholes

Diana takes another of many breaks - this time in the sandstone cheeseholes.

Diana Adams on Parriott cliff ledge

Circling around the back side, the cliffs are easier to climb.  Here Diana follows a narrow ledge, aided by a cable fastened to the cliff for stability.

Daniel Adams in Parriott cliff notch

With the assistance of ropes, climbing this notch isn't as difficult as the loose stuff over which they had to clamber to get up to this point.

Cave interior on Parriott Mesa cliff

Near the top, Daniel explores a cave he's always wanted to check out.  It goes in about 50 feet, and he finds a pack rat nest, with  spiny cacti placed strategically around it to keep out predators.

Diana Adams in Parriott cliff cave

Diana rests near the cave entrance, enjoying the view to distant canyons and the Colorado River in the valley far below.

Top of Parriott Mesa

Eventually they reached the top, which is covered by a wide variety of plant life and juniper trees.

Diana Adams eating lunch on Parriott Mesa cliff edge

What an awesome view!  Diana found a perfect place to eat her lunch, enjoying the view of the LaSal Mountains, Castle Valley, and the campus 1,300 feet below.

DayStar Academy view from top of Parriott Mesa

The DayStar Adventist Academy campus is dwarfed by the large farm, including fruit trees, greenhouses, and fields of alfalfa, wheat, watermelons, asparagus and many other good things.

Daniel Adams perched on edge of Parriott Mesa cliff

Daniel sits at one of his favorite perches, where he can safely dangle his legs over the edge.

My dad strictly forbade Diana to dangle her legs over the edge.  But he didn't say she couldn't dangle her entire body over the edge!

Diana Adams hanging from Parriott Mesa cliff edge

Besides, she had a good grip on the sandstone edge, and there was a very strong updraft, so she was really quite safe . . .




Diana Adams laying on Parriott Mesa clifftop

. . . especially since the previous picture was flipped 90 degrees, and only her fingertips were really over the edge!

They spent more than 6 hours on this excursion, and thankfully both survived with only minor scratches and bumps - and a few sore muscles for Diana!

Brad Minett with Daniel Adams and DayStar guys on Parriott Mesa

This was a slow trip for Daniel - a few months ago he went from the base to the top, made his initials in the snow, and was back at the bottom - in 49 minutes!  A few minutes later he went back up at a slower pace with the entire boys' dorm & their dean Brad Minett.

Daniel Adams, Alexi Gilmore, Moriah Ward, Heidi Hunt, Fred Adams, Beau Gilmore, Sarah Ward & Beka Harris

The next day we reluctantly packed up and prepared to leave.  DayStar Adventist Academy is such a special place with wonderful folks and many unforgettable memories for Daniel - and the rest of us! 

On our way out, we stopped to say goodbye to the staff kids working for next years' tuition.  Starting work at 6:00 a.m., these kids pull weeds in large fields of melons, peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, corn and many other crops that support the school.  We have great admiration for these special young people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, spending the summer laboring under a hot sun in order to receive a balanced, quality Christian education. And learning to be a dependable worker is an important part of that education!

Two days and 900 miles later we got back home in California.  The memories of this unforgettable trip will remain deeply etched into our minds.  Most of all, we're grateful for what God has done to help Daniel grow and mature, through the loving efforts of the DayStar staff, their families and his classmates.  If you know anyone who might be interested in attending DayStar Academy, we'll be glad to answer any questions.

So, until our next adventure, we'll sign off.  If you wish to contact Daniel, his e-mail address is: (yes, Daniel's heart is still with Weimar Academy, which also holds many special memories from the two years he studied there).

God Bless!

Fred, Diana & Daniel Adams

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