June 3, 2005

Hi Folks!

We just got home yesterday after spending 10 days experiencing more Adams Family Adventures, highlighted by a milestone event in our son Daniel's life.

We are delighted to share the good news that Daniel has officially graduated from High School!  He spent his first two years at Weimar Academy, which he enjoyed very much and where he made many friends.  But the academic work became a major challenge and he needed a change.

So during the past two years he attended DayStar Academy near Moab, Utah - more than 800 miles from home!  Their work-study program and working farm kept him busy learning practical skills.  Quite frequently, students and staff go on hikes, campouts, horseback riding, snowboarding, rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, and plenty of other physical activities.  They also go on choir tours, mission trips, and spend a week in the mountains during "Survival and Revival Week."  An excellent place for young people like Daniel who need to be very active physically, making it easier to handle the academic challenges.

We headed for Utah from our California home on May 24, arriving two days later.  The pictures below include a few highlights of this special event.

Nevada desert in the Spring

From Placerville we took I-80 across the Nevada and Utah deserts.  Much to our surprise, we saw greenry and blooming flowers all along the way, with nice, mild temperatures.  Other trips through this area have been in late summer or mid-winter, when everything was hot, dry and dead, or covered with snow and freezing cold.

Delicate Arch - Arches National Park, Utah

Arriving at Moab, Arches National Park is a fascinating place to visit with dozens of natural arches, balancing rocks, interesting sandstone formations and red rock cliffs.  Nearby Canyonlands is another place of interest containing high cliffs, deep canyons, colorfully layered sandstone and much more.  Hikers, mountain bikers, rafters and jeepers come from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

DayStar Academy main building in Castle Valley, Utah

DayStar Adventist Academy is located in Castle Valley, in the shadow of Parriott Mesa, towering 1,300 feet above the valley floor.

Daniel Adams & Kyle Woodruff on rim of Parriott Mesa

Perched on the rim of Parriott Mesa, Daniel Adams and Kyle Woodruff have an excellent view of the campus far below and the LaSal mountain peaks behind them.  Daniel and Kyle comprised the entire Senior class at DayStar Academy this year!

DayStar Academy choir 2005

The entire weekend of May 27 to 29 was unique and special in many ways.  Being the only graduates, Daniel & Kyle got plenty of attention and personalized activities held in their honor.  The school choir treated us to plenty of music, often highlighted by the lovely sounds of handbells and chimes.

Dedication prayer for Daniel & Kyle during graduation

The school staff surrounded their two Seniors and had special prayers of dedication as Daniel and Kyle move on to new challenges in the future.

Graduates Daniel & Kyle passing the light to fellow students

Another special event included Daniel and Kyle "passing the light" to their fellow classmates, encouraging them to keep shining brightly for God.

DayStar students holding candles at graduation

DayStar Academy has truly been a blessing to many young people through the years.  Daniel has grown and matured in many ways, and we are extremely grateful to the devoted staff there.

Other events included parent tributes, fun slideshows of Daniel's and Kyle's lives from babyhood to the present, a video summarizing school activities during the year, and the traditional firefall off the cliffs of Parriott Mesa.

Jerry Harris graduating Daniel Adams

 I gave the Commencement address, challenging Daniel, Kyle and the other students to "Climb Life's Mountains," allowing God to lead them and trusting Him through each challenge they face in the future.  

DayStar Director Jerry Harris, a friend from the early '90's, flipped Daniel's tassel and officially graduated him.

Jerry Harris with Daniel Adams holding diploma

            Mr. Jerry with Daniel proudly holding his hard-earned diploma. 

Daniel Adams & Kyle Woodruff in unique graduation attire

Living in cowboy country, the boys decided to be different - wearing cowboy hats with silver tassels.  Their class colors were Black, Silver & Blue.  Class Aim: "Missions."  Motto: "God says 'Go.'  And so, we are going!"

Daniel & Kyle with DayStar Academy classmates

Daniel with most of his classmates.  Some students didn't stay the entire school year.  Daniel, being very social, would have preferred several dozen more to befriend!  The kids are really great, and they all became a very close-knit family.

DayStar Academy staff families 2005

The staff and their kids are a wonderful group of great people who work and play together, enjoying life and leading our youth in the right direction.  We appreciate them very much, as they have all had a part in helping Daniel grow in the right direction.

Adams and Medina families at Daniel's graduation

Daniel had relatives from California to Maine who attended his graduation.  Back row: Linda Adams, Kandice Medina, Krista Medina, Norman Medina, Lanita Medina, Kami Kay Medina, Celian Adams, Diana Adams, Betty Adams.  Front: Ben Medina, Daniel and Fred Adams.

Daniel Adams graduated at DayStar Academy

  We are proud of all the hard work Daniel has done to reach this milestone in his life, and trust that he will continue letting God lead in his future activities.

His current plans are to do yard work during the summer to save up money for flying lessons to get his Private Pilot's License this fall, possibly spend some time in South America working with a mission pilot, and discovering what doors are opened for him to train and serve wherever God can use him.  Daniel is extremely grateful to each one of you for your friendship, prayers and support.  Some of you will be receiving a thank-you letter shortly.

Please note his current e-mail address: theweimartian@yahoo.com.  And by the way, tomorrow, June 4, Daniel turns 20!  We'll no longer have a teenager in our home!


Fred Adams (and Diana too!)


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