LaSal Mountain Rappelling Adventures 

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KK Medina rappels down cliff face

At age 7, my niece KK Medina was the first beginner of our group to go down.  And she was totally fearless!  She had to be held tight while waiting her turn at the top - otherwise she'd go right over to the edge and peer down - without a rope attached!

KK Medina rappelling

                   No fear of hights for KK - this is fun! 

Linda Adams belays for KK Medina

Tiny KK made it to the bottom just fine, with Aunt Linda waiting for her at the bottom.

Diana Adams rappelling cliff for first time

Diana tried it next - she'd never done this before, except for going down the side of a large water tank at Leoni Meadows Family Camp.

Diana Adams rappelling

A little aprehensive at first, soon Diana found out it was really a lot of fun!

Diana Adams rappelling & jumping

She got the hang of it quickly - even doing some swinging out further down.

Diana Adams near bottom of rappelling cliff

                              That's a long way down!

View from below of Diana Adams on rappelling cliff

    Here's how the rappelling cliff looked from the bottom.

Daniel Adams rappelling

     Daniel's done this many times, so he zipped right down.

Daniel Adams rappelling upside down

Partway down he flipped over and descended headfirst for a bit. 

Smiling Daniel Adams rappelling upside down

                                        What fun!

Daniel Adams bouncing off the cliff walls

Daniel also had fun jumping from side to side, bouncing lightly and gracefully off cliff corners, reaching the bottom in less than a minute.

Daniel Adams leaping out while rappelling

                       He got a good wide swing here!

Daniel Adams & Lezli Sage at bottom of rappelling cliff

There's always someone holding the rope at the bottom, which goes through a figure 8 thingy at the rappeller's waistline.  A slight tug of the rope brings the rappeller to a complete stop whenever needed, especially for first-timers.  Daniel's friend Lezli held the rope tight as he neared the bottom, leaving him helpless and stranded.  When he let go of the rope, she did too, resulting in a very rapid descent for Daniel!  But he caught himself in time.  These kids are always finding ways to play tricks on each other.  Amazingly, they always survive!

Krista Medina rappelling

My 11-year-old niece Krista went next - she did well and enjoyed herself.

Kandice Medina rappelling

My niece Kandice tried to act brave, but we could see her knees shaking as she backed over the cliff edge.  As she got further down and trusted the rope, she began to have more fun.                       

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