LaSal Mountain Rappelling Adventures

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KK Medina rappelling the free-fall

KK couldn't wait to do the freefall.  She really wanted to descend face-down, but she obeyed her mom and went down the conventional way.

KK Medina - over the edge of the free-fall

                                   Over the edge . . .

KK Medina enjoying the view as she rappels the free-fall

. . . enjoying the scenery as she runs rope through the figure-eight to go down.

KK Medina reaches the bottom, where Heidi Hunt belays

                   Heidi's there to help at the bottom . . .

Fred, Lezli, Sarah & Daniel watch from the cliff ledge

            . . . while everyone else watches from the top!

Andre Sage starts down the free-fall

                      Andre had to do the freefall too!

Andre Sage descending through the trees

                                   Here he comes!

Sarah, Lezli and Andre

              Sarah and Lezli at the bottom with Andre.

Lezli Sage & Daniel Adams climbing the chain ladder

Coming back up involved some steep climbing, a chain ladder and some looped rope up this rock chimney.

Nancy & Tom Hunt preparing to leave

Finally it was time to roll up the ropes and gather all the equipment.  Nancy Hunt and baby Eric stayed at the bottom most of the time, belaying and keeping an eye on things.

Lanita Medina smiles as Lezli Sage gasps in surprise

                       What are you gasping at, Lezli?

Sarah Ward choking Daniel Adams

Is that Sarah Ward, trying to choke Daniel behind my back?

Lifting Fred Adams back into his wheelchair

As the shadows lengthened, we had to get going.  The guys carefully lifted me off my perch and back into my wheelchair.  If we'd had more time, they would have found a way to lower me down the cliff too.  How?  Perhaps duct-tape me to the wheelchair, then roll me down?  Or some hammock-like contraption?  Tom Hunt would have thought of something!

Pulling Fred Adams up the steep trail

Getting me back up the steep, slippery trail was one final challenge. 

Daniel & crew pulling Fred Adams up the trail

With Daniel pulling, Lezli & Heidi at the sides, and Steve Sage pushing, we made progress.

Tugging Fred in his wheelchair up the steep, slippery trail

                         Pull!  Push!  Grunt!  Up we go!

Back up at the road without a mishap!

Just a few more steps and we made it back to the road.  Wow, what a fun day for all of us!  We really appreciate Tom Hunt and his family spending the day with us and sharing his expertise so we could have a fantastic time together!

A happy Fred Adams after a day full of adventures!

Being a quadriplegic isn't so bad when you have such special friends like the folks at DayStar Academy.  Being part of a family who likes adventure makes life fun too.  And best of all, I serve a God who Created all the beauties of nature that we get to enjoy.  And He likes to watch us have fun too.  What an awesome God we serve!


Fred Adams (and Diana & Daniel too!)
Placerville, California

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