October 16, 2005


What's Daniel up to now?  A bunch of things!  Here's a brief overview:


Daniel Adams in graduation attire at DayStar Academy
He graduated from DayStar Adventist Academy in Castle Valley, Utah on May 29, 2005.  Then he returned home to California, where he turned 20 on June 4.
During the month of June, Daniel's friend Andre Sage from Fernley, Nevada arrived and spent several weeks at our home, playing with fish in Daniel's boat "pond," riding around in Grandpa's old vehicles, exploring along the river, and doing other fun stuff.
Daniel Adams & Andre Sage playing in boat pond
Andre Sage & Daniel Adams with weedeaters
They also spent long days working very hard at home and for neighbors, weed-whacking, brush-cutting, painting, hauling manure and a bunch of other things.  At age 14, Andre learned fast as Daniel showed him the skills needed to please his customers.  Andre needed to save up money for school, and Daniel for flying lessons.
Diana's kept busy canning fruit, experimenting with new vegetarian recipes, taking care of me, walking twice a day, and doing Creative Memories scrapbooking.
Diana Adams canning apricots
Diana Adams double-digging her winter garden
As the summer heat faded into the coolness of fall, Diana recently double-dug two plots of ground for our winter garden, planting arugula, rutabagas, kale, beets, cilantro and parsley.
I had fun running around in my TracAbout, hauling firewood, supervising my parents who work too hard for their age, and taking homeschool families on an adventure expedition to Deer View.
Fred Adams in Trac About hauling firewood in wagon
Jim Conrad teaching Fred Adams about web page creation
I'm also learning how to do web pages, thanks to our friend Jim Conrad, an old naturalist friend who spent six months living on our property and exploring nature in the surrounding area.  He produces simple, easy-to-understand web pages on a variety of nature topics.
Back to Daniel, his dream from childhood was to learn how to fly.  His friend Davey Fernald of Fort Kent, Maine is a flying instructor.  So that's where Daniel went in mid-July.
Daniel Adams & Davey Fernald with Cessna 172 in Maine
Flying above the clouds in Maine
Now Daniel is literally "floating in the clouds" as he learns how to fly.
Here's one happy young man!
Daniel Adams happily learning to pilot a plane!
Flying near Aroostook Regional Airport in northern Maine
Based at the Aroostook Regional Airport, Daniel's been learning all the basics of airplane maintenance, taking off, landing, and everything in between.  During the summer Daniel did Fire Patrols to get in flying hours without having to pay for fuel or plane rental.
David Fernald (left) is the airport manager, and his son Davey is Daniel's instructor.  The Fernald family has been very kind to provide food and lodging, as well as a discount on flight instruction.
David & son Davey Fernald at airport near Frenchville, Maine
Daniel Adams pushing plane in northern Maine
In between flights, Daniel works at the airport to help pay for plane rental.  He refuels planes, cleans the hangars and manages the office while the Fernalds are away.
He also saws and splits firewood, mows grass, and does whatever else that needs to be done.
Daniel Adams splitting firewood in Maine

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