June 6, 2005

Hi Again!

Here's the third and final installment, describing a few more of our awesome adventures in Utah.

We arrived on the DayStar Academy campus several days before graduation, so Daniel and his classmates invited us to join them as they did "Bouldering" for P.E. class.  The kids pushed and tugged my wheelchair through the sandy sagebrush, into deep ravines and up the mountain to the cabin-sized sandstone rock you see below.  My parents tagged along, but couldn't keep up with those energetic kids as they quickly got me to the base of the rock. Then they began climbing it from all sides.

Daniel Adams, Lezli Sage and Jeremy Larson on boulder

  Daniel, Lezli & Jeremy climbed right up this easy part . . .

Diana Adams in boulder hole

. . . but Diana got stuck in the first notch and found it challenging to get up to where the rest of the kids had so easily climbed!  Eventually, with plenty of coaching and help from the others, Diana made it.

Jeremy, Heidi and Daniel climbing boulder face

     Jeremy, Heidi and Daniel also climbed up the flat face.

Daniel guards Heidi Hunt as she attempts a difficult climb

Daniel guards Heidi as she tackles a tough section of the boulder.  That sandstone looks like it can be rough on bare fingers and toes!

Daniel Adams climbing the overhang

                 Daniel finds good grips and starts up . . .

Daniel Adams partway up the boulder

. . . and zips up like a spider, easily climbing this boulder from just about any angle.

Daniel Adams on top of bouldering rock at DayStar Academy

Hooray!  He made it!  Again, I feel so left out.  That used to be me when I wasn't in a wheelchair!  But it's rewarding just to get up close and watch Daniel and his friends have fun for me.

Parriott Mesa at sunrise with DayStar Academy near base

On Tuesday, after the weekend graduation and our exciting day of rappelling adventures, things became fairly quiet on campus.  But before we left, Daniel had one more goal - to get his mom to the top of Parriott Mesa!

Trail to ridge going up to Parriott Mesa

From campus they took the van to the base of the ridge and climbed the easy horse trail.  Daniel was bored - he prefers to go the short way - straight up the steep, slippery route to the cliff base!

Diana Adams resting on trail to Parriott Mesa

Diana stops for a break along the ridge.  There's still a LONG way to go just to get to the base of the vertical cliffs!

Interesting white layer on sandstone at Parriott Mesa

Some of the sandstone along the way has interesting white icing layered on it.

Colorful stone layers near Parriott Mesa

A fascinating variety of colored stone layers are encountered along the way.

Colorful caterpillar in Utah

  Here's a colorful caterpiller they found as they climbed.

Cactus blossom on Parriott Mesa climb

                               And a blooming cactus.

Interesting flowers near Parriott Mesa

                              Another interesting flower.

Sego Lily in Utah near Parriott Mesa

                        A Sego Lily - Utah's state flower.

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