Fred Adams Paralyzed
Some Pictures

Diana, Daniel & Fred Adams with dog Ginger by home at Colegio Linda Vista in Chiapas, Mexico in 1986

Diana, Daniel, Fred & dog Ginger at our home in Linda Vista, Chiapas, Mexico in 1986.

Fred Adams with Mexican shop students at Colegio Linda Vista in Chiapas, Mexico

I really enjoyed teaching my Mexican students in woodshop class.

Fred Adams with shop students displaying their projects at Colegio Linda Vista in Mexico

My students had fun designing and creating wood signs in shop class.

Furniture Factory building at Colegio Linda Vista in Chiapas, Mexico

Furniture Factory building being built for student industry at Linda Vista in 1987.
The trusses collapsed 10 minutes after this picture was taken.

Trusses going up on Furniture Factory at Colegio Linda Vista in Chiapas, Mexico

Huge trusses going up in Furniture Factory building - each weighing 3/4 ton.

Collapsed trusses that left Fred Adams paralyzed at Colegio Linda Vista in Chiapas, Mexico

One truss snapped and 15 tons of lumber crashed down on the workers.
Amazingly, only 3 workers were seriously injured, and I was the only one paralyzed.

Triangular space where Fred's head was protected when trusses collapsed

Although I had beams piled all over my body, my head was safe within the triangular space above, but my neck broke from falling backward onto the concrete floor.

Fred Adams in hospital before muscles atrophied by paralysis in Chiapas, Mexico

I spent 5 days at a hospital in Villahermosa, Mexico before being transported to
Loma Linda University Medical Center in California.  I couldn't move my fingers, and barely moved my arms.  It was sad to watch by muscles become atrophied and my calloused hands become feminine soft.  No more carpenter work for me!

Fred Adams in wheelchair on ramp of his dandy handicap van

I've been in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic since 1987, but I still enjoy traveling,
being involved in missions and doing computer work.

Fred Adams in his Ford van equipped with hand controls, enabeling him to drive in spite of quadriplegia

I'm grateful to have a  fully-equipped van with hand controls, and have driven
nearly 450,000 miles through 5 countries since I became paralyzed.

Most of all, I'm thankful that the day will come when there will be no more suffering.
I long for Jesus to come quickly to take us to our eternal home.

I see each day as another opportunity to serve God & reach out to others so
the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ can reach the entire world.

Getting Around In My "Tractor Chair"
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